Create Short and Safe links
to keep your site or app protected!

Our URL shortener helps Webmasters automate routine work with links,
provide powerful API for Developers. Includes flexible filters,
real-time monitors, triggers and many more.

Powerful API, turnkey solutions for
popular CMS and third-party services

All this makes the process of integrating short links
for your application/site/service very easy and effective!

Auto-shorten links

Direct integration eliminates the need to copy/paste or replace links manually.

Link cloning

Create new links based on a template or by copying them from the old ones, while preserving the entire set of desired properties.

Bulk link import

Save time and effort by importing links as entire lists in just a couple of clicks.

Use your domain and our free SSL

You can connect your domain to our service and receive branded short links.

Link editing

Change the contents of the short link while preserving its old address and without losing your valuable traffic.

Monitoring and analysis of link status

Automatically check if source URLs are available. Notify or automatically replace the URL with a backup one.

Protect your links and make your application secure

Filter out bots, block spam, analyze and filter incoming traffic
even before it gets to your application/site/service

Automatic bot blocking
Blocking of bots using artificial intelligence based on behavioral metrics and the accumulated experience of our system.
Flexible traffic filter system
Create filters based on data about the user and their actions. Or use turnkey filter sets to protect yourselves against spammers or limit unwanted, low-quality traffic.
Smart redirection of unwanted traffic
Redirect unwanted traffic with the one-click redirect feature. Send them to your destination of choice based on several parameters.

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